Multi-Cultural Fair and Science Fair

Multi-Cultural Fair

Windsor’s annual Multi-Cultural Fair is an exciting celebration of people and their cultures.  Carrying their handmade passports, students travel through several beautifully decorated countries, sample delicious ethnic food, listen to cultural music and discover customs from lands from around the world.  This experience promotes an increased awareness and appreciation of many different societies. Our entire staff is encouraged to participate, thus making it a very entertaining and fascinating event for the students. Individuality is cultivated and imagination is encouraged as students help to prepare for this wonderful event.

Science Fair


Science is everywhere at our annual Science Fair. We involve all subject areas and use a collaborative approach to create an extraordinary experience for our students. Students are inspired to imagine, invent, experiment, interact and truly enjoy learning as they work on their projects throughout the year. The Science Fair gives them an opportunity to display their creativity and intelligence as they demonstrate their hands-on projects for everyone. The excitement is contagious as the students explore the world around them at the Science Fair.

How to Apply
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